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The Man from Manila - Episode 5 - Silver Lining


It was supposed to be a great day for Nikka and Kiko as it was the first time he could come to his Mom’s work.  Little did they know that it would be a tragic day for them; Nikka was sent to deposit money and sent the rest of the day-off to spend with his child when they were robbed and shot.

Chapter 5 – Silver Lining

Two gunshots were the last thing that Resgram heard before he saw Nikka on the ground in blood; she wanted Kiko to run to safety and save himself.  Resgram’s intuition was spot-on, there was something bad going to happen, but he did not expect this tragedy.

Everything happened fast, Resgram swooped and disarmed the robbers but it was a little too late before that gunshot was fired against little Kiko who was fleeing away.  Kiko dropped on the ground, he was hit in the midsection, dropped on the ground and blood was gushing from the wound. “Noooooooo!” Resgram shouted then grabbed the gun and hit the robber unconscious with a bloody face.  Resgram immediately went to the boy and checked. “Still alive, but barely.  I need to take you back to the house and save you.”

Resgram rushed to go back; Kiko is losing so much blood, at this rate and his age he will not survive if it will not be treated immediately.  Everything was fast, as they entered the house; he rushed Kiko in his room which is also his laboratory.  He injected Kiko with a serum that pushed the bullet out of its flesh.  The bed was transformed in to cylinder type glass containment; Resgram put oxygen and other apparatus to monitor Kiko’s vital signs.

You can see Resgram’s worry as the wound heals and closes as if the flesh is re-generating itself, the serum is working.  Suddenly his instruments beeped and red light flashed in his computer; the boy was crashing, the lost of blood was too much that Kiko’s blood pressure is rapidly going critical, he needed blood transfusion immediately.

Resgram took no time and had no second thoughts; he programmed his machines to adjust on the needs on the boy.  There was no other one available as a donor but himself, he needed to calibrate the computer to make adjustments as he transfuse his blood to the boy.  He hooked himself up in the other table that also transformed into a containment unit.  The computer automatically raised the two, injected tubes, hoses and raised the containment units; both fell asleep at the computer draws blood from Resgram to Kiko.

Resgram programmed the computer to regulate his vital signs and provide necessary supplements to be injected as the transfusion is going.  Plasma filled the containment unit as they entered a state of coma.  Vital signs of the two fluctuate from time to time, Kiko would twitch and struggle at a times; heart rates would amplify then regulate.

Meanwhile, the police had arrested the robbers and had found Nikka’s body.  Her boss was looking for the boy “Officer, my employee that was murdered was with her boy; Kiko.  Have you seen him? Was he hurt?”  The Officer-in-Charge replied “There was no child ma’am, we were also surprised when we came because the robbers were all unconscious and seemed to have had a beating already.  Even your money was intact, nothing seemed to be missing, and the only thing we had to facilitate was the victims.  We have also sent people to the female victim’s residence but there was no one answering, it looks like she was living alone.”  Nikka’s boss decided to have her cremated and latter sent to her house, she made an altar just outside Nikka’s house and placed the urn as a token of respect; still she wonders what had happened to the boy; she was thinking of providing a new home for the boy.


Resgram’s containment chamber lit green, plasma was removed and chamber was transformed as a regular table platform, the computer automatically made a system’s check on his vital signs; upon checking that everything was optimal ha was injected a chemical waking him up from the induced coma.  “Welcome back sir! I have scanned and check your vital signs, everything is in optimum level.” A computerized voice said.  “How about the boy? How is he coping-up?” Resgram asked. “The boy is having difficulty adjusting to the transfused blood, it has been 4 weeks since the incident the boy’s vital signs are barely coping… suggesting immediate gene splicing procedure.”

Resgram took a pause “Everything will be worthless if I don’t save the boy.” He changed and went out of the room.  Everything was dusty and there were dry leaves almost everywhere; he went to the window to see what else changed.  He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, and then his eyes came upon the altar within it the urn of Nikka’s ash and an envelope.  Curious on what the envelope is about, he went to get it.  Tears dropped as he saw the urn, a message was placed on the Platform is says “Aiyanikka was more than just an employee, she was a trustworthy friend. Nikka is family.  May her soul rest in eternal peace with the Almighty God.  She will always be remembered.”

Resgram waisted no time, he rushed inside and went back to the room.  He placed the envelope in his table and went to check Kiko’s vital signs. “Prepare for gene splicing process.” Computer screen displays the boy’s vital signs plus another window for the process. “Gene Splicing initiated” the screen again displays the DNA composition of Kiko side by side with the DNA of Resgram.  A complex device that mixes chemicals and converts it to serum is activated.  Resgram placed 50cc of his blood in the chamber. “Initiating Gene Splicing… mixing chemical…processing DNA…adoptive serum acquired.” The computer said as a series of computer render appears on the screen. “Inject serum” Resgram said to the computer.

Kiko’s vital signs dropped “Critical level” the computer prompts as the boy twitch and struggles. “What is happening?” Resgram said; “Host is rejecting adoptive serum, transfused blood reaching critical mass”.  Resgram immediately programmed the computer and inserted another serum from his experiments.  “Vital signs are normalizing, host body accepting serum, host adapting to transfused blood.”  Resgram sat in front of his computer exhausted.

To be continued…

Copyright njvelasquez 2012
All characters mentioned are all original concepts for this Mini-Series.


  1. lol...this is really exciting? exciting than the teleserye yaya is watching...:D

    1. Thanks for enjoying it! Hopefully you get to follow the story.

  2. Hahaha nice one. At first i thought i was reading a true storey untij... Bwhahaha., Don't forget to give me an update. Nice comic concept .

    1. It was a struggle in making this a reality, thanks for appreciating!