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The Man from Manila - Episode 4 - Tragic Twist


Resgram revealed himself to “Nikka” (Aiyanikka), he showed his abilities and partially explained his background and origins.  Despite of everything, she felt more secure than disturbed and accepted her faith with him and her soon to be child.

After a few months, Nikka gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  “The vitamin supplements I gave you during pregnancy were effective.  You have the most adorable and bouncing baby boy I have seen in a while.” said Resgram.  “Since we are Filipino, I want to name him after my favorite artist and my grandfather – FRANCISCO….. Francisco Magallanes; KIKO for short.” said Nikka.

It was a happy life for Nikka, Resgram and her child Kiko.  Resgram continued his research and provided for their needs.  Resgram’s deposit of gold as part of his research allows him to generate enough funds to live a decent life. Nikka on the other hand worked as a Store Cashier at local Supermarket in town, while her son Kiko studied at the nearby public elementary school.


Episode 4 – Tragic Twist

It was the 12th of June, a holiday in the Philippines celebrating its independence day.  Kiko woke up early even though there wasn’t any school for the day. Nikka asked her little boy “Why are you awake to early?  There is no school for today.”  Little Kiko looked with a smile to his mother “Nana, can I come to work with you today…. Please! Promise I will behave.” Kiko was so cute and adorable the whole time he was asking his mom. “How could you resist that face?” Resgram said and winked his eye as Kiko looked at him. “Did you put him up to this?” Nikka asked but smiling “Nope, I have nothing to do with that. I was just merely making a remark on what Kiko said. As a matter of fact, I don’t think it’s proper for him to tag around… but, it would surely be an awesome bonding time with your child.” Resgram smiled and looked at Kiko making a thumbs-up and him winking back.

Nikka was persuaded by the two to have Kiko come with her to work but insisted that he should not be naughty or stubborn while they are in “Nana’s” workplace. The boy was very excited to come to his mother’s work, he knows that “Nana” won’t be able to attend to him at all time; just the same, a whole day spent with his mom was something he always wanted.  “Be good Kiko. I don’t you to get in to any trouble.” Resgram said.  “Yes uncle, I will.” Kiko replied.

It was a happy day for both Nikka and Kiko, He behaved pretty well and Nikka was so proud of how intelligent her little boy was to her co-workers.  Nikka’s boss was so amused with her son she said “We need to make a deposit for the income of the grocery for the past couple of days. I suggest you go with Mang Pepe (the Driver) and bring your son, make the deposit and take the early off so you and your son can bond.  Here is an extra P200 on me as a bonus to your lovable son, go and eat at that restaurant with free toys along with the meal.”  “Thanks you so much ma’am, I really appreciate it.” Nikka replied.

Nikka got ready and told Kiko of the good news, He was so happy he hugged and kissed her several times and said “I love you Nana, you’re the best mother a boy can have!” Nikka was in tears to hear those words from her son. “I love you so much my son. You’re the best thing that happened in my life.” Nikka said in tears.

Little did they know that a group of armed robbers was observing and monitoring activities of the grocery; this was one of the moment they were waiting.  They have planned for this robbery for almost a month now, observed every movement, and studied who makes the deposit, where they will make the deposit and when and where it would be best to make the heist.  “This is perfect, we will operate today!” said the leader of the group as they prepare for the hold-up/robbery.

Nikka prepared the deposit slips and money to be deposited in the office; she neatly put them in a bag and packed everything to be easily handled.  She went to the restroom to freshen-up and then attended to her son.  When everything was ready “Ma’am, we are ready.  Thank you for giving me the day’s early off to spend it with my son, I really appreciate it“ Nikka said to her boss.  “You deserve the break, also this cute son of yours deserve a price for simply being adorable.” As Nikka’s boss went on her knee and pinched Kiko’s cheeks.

Meanwhile Resgram felt something strange, a sense of worry that something bad will happen.  Somehow he just can’t seem to pin point where and what.  It was something he had never felt before, it was a feeling he only felt when his mother was in danger; it was an urge that he cannot just ignore. Then it hit him “Nikka… Kiko!” Resgram said to himself.  He putted on his cloak and rushed outside.

The van wherein Nikka and Kiko was with had reached the road going to their house, it was a few blocks from the town bank.  It was then when they were cut by two black cars armed with men in hood and high firearms. Everything happened so fast, one shot the door near the lock so it can be opened.  One of the goons pointed a gun at the driver, while another shot the rear door lock. “Nobody needs to get hurt.  All we want is the money.” said the leader of the robbers. “Please don’t hurt us.” Nikka while embracing her son tightly said in a terrified voice.

“We need a hostage just to be sure” said one of the robbers.  “Take the girl or the kid, better yet take them both” said the leader. “No! Please don’t!” cried Nikka.  She struggled and scratched one of the robber’s faces, she kicked one on the balls and shouted “Run Kiko… run…. Save yourself!”

“Bang” gunfire echoed, Nikka fell on the ground.  “Bang” another gunshot. Resgram suddenly swooped in and twisted the neck of the one who shot Nikka.  There was gunfire everywhere.  Resgram’s speed and skills proved no match for the bullets fired as well for the robbers to stop him from his rage. After everything has cleared, all of the robbers were dead… so is Nikka. “Noooooooo!” Resgram cried. “Where is Kiko?” He was at the corner of the road going to their house bleeding on the ground. “Kiko!” Resgram immediately went to the boy and checked. “Still alive, but barely.  I need to take you back to the house to save you.”

To be continued…

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All characters mentioned are all original concepts for this Mini-Series.

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