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Man from Manila - Episode 10 - Gift


Kiko has finally awakened from his 5 year coma due an accident that almost took his life.  Resgram had to initiate Project Genesis; a combination of bio and nano-technology infused via alibata tattoo all-over his body.  This procedure allowed the combination of Alien and human blood.  Little that Kiko know that due to this he is now bestowed with great powers which he is yet to discover.

Kiko is again put in danger when the soil on the nearby cliff eroded along with an old tree plunging him down a rocky river when Kiko suddenly glowed, his Alibata tattoos emerged from his skin and as soon as he almost hit the water, he stops and floated and by reflex waives his arms and dodges the tree. As the tree hits his arms, the tattoo was glowing and the tree was swiped and broken in half, he had sliced the tree with his bare hands and the part that hit him was broken into pieces.  Kiko was both surprised and in shock on how fast everything has happened. His reflexes and presence of mind was subliminal.  In the same instance as he hit the tree his legs kicked the air above the water and catapulted him up like a big leap and landed in the ground with the help of his hands safely.

Episode 10 – Gift

Kiko was surprised on what had happened; it was so sudden and so fast.  It was a mixture of fear, disbelief and surprise.  He landed safely on the field knees down and with his hand touching the ground; it was like a giant leap.  He was still glowing and looking at his arms and legs filled with weird markings [alibata tattoo], then a little while he slowly stopped glowing and the tattoos slowly subsided.  It was only then that Resgram came because of the scream he heard when Kiko fell.

“Are you ok? What happened?”
[Kiko is confused and alarmed] What is wrong with me?  How did this happen?
[Confused because he did not witness the entire incident] “What do you mean? I don’t understand?”
I fell on the cliff! [Looked and pointed to where it happened] The old tree almost fell on me! I flew! [Surprised and confused at the same time] What am I? Who am I?
[Resgram paused and took a deep breath] “You are still the same boy you used to be but now you’re special. [Trying to calm the boy down] Now slowly, tell me what happened.” [Smiled at Kiko]

Kiko took a deep breath and started to narrate to Resgram the entire incident.  All along he didn’t notice he was somehow floating in the air.  The boy was emotional on what had happened and is trying to control his emotion from fear to calm.  He wanted Resgram to explain and tell him the truth but he did not know how to begin.  Kiko has just awakened from a coma of 5 years, the last fragment of consciousness was the terrible shooting incident which caused the death of his mother; it was just too much.

“You have always been special Kiko, now you are gifted with powers for you to use for good. I believe that you will be responsible with your gifts and will use them for good.”
I am so confused.  It is all happening so fast.
“Everything happens for a reason.  Maybe what happened will shape you in what you will become in the future, maybe it will shape you as an individual or maybe it is because great things are expected from you in the days to come.”

Kiko is frustrated with Resgram and thought that he did not understand what he is talking about.  Kiko approached a nearby tree and furiously punched the tree, to his surprise… nothing happened and he fell on the ground in pain for he had hit the tree with full force.  Resgram was also shock to see and learned that Kiko did not shatter the tree; he could not understand why the boy wasn’t able to summon his powers at will.

“Let us go home and put some ice on that.”
[Confused and in pain]  Ok. [Held Resgram’s hand as he got up]
“Maybe we can find the answers together.”

As they arrived home, Resgram gave Kiko some iced and wrapped them on old clothes for his hands, then went to his room.  Since Project Genesis is an untested experiment and beyond his computed parameters due to Kiko’s life threatening condition then, he wanted to fully understand how to harness the power.  Knowing that Kiko is resting, and putting ice on his hands; Resgram went inside his room laboratory.

“Computer, give me a summary diagnostic log on the procedure made on Kiko”
[Creating report, output ready in 30 minutes]
“Expand data on the primary function of the experiment on the boy.”
[Project Genesis is an untested experiment from your archives but is magnified due to the condition of the boy. Its main directive is to protect the host from eminent danger.]

Meanwhile, Kiko is again amazed on how his hand is healing.  Alibata is faintly seen and disappears as the bruises are healed.  He is more than sure that he has these powers but somehow is confused on how to manifest them.  Kiko quietly sneak’s out of the house and is willing to try on whether he can do extra ordinary feats again.  Resgram was pre-occupied to notice Kiko as he went out; Resgram was too busy figuring-out why Kiko’s power manifested in a bizarre manner.

Kiko was walking and wondering too much and failed to notice he had already reach town.  Much has changed over 5 years; more house, more commercial stores, more alleys and roads most of all more people. He enters an alley in between two commercial stories; nobody was around as he looks. Kiko was blowing his hand and whispering “You can do this!” as he was stretching his legs and preparing to jump; he closes his eyes and in full force jumped… sadly he didn’t soar but barely a few inches off the ground. He was so disappointed and confused and a dog suddenly appeared, it growled and barked at him.  The dog seemed astray and two more followed, his alibata tattoo appeared unconsciously all over his body and even his face almost making him unrecognizable as eminent danger is at hand. All the dogs seems rabid and is off to get him and as soon as a bite was almost there… he leaped backwards over the convenience store and landed on the next vacant alley hitting a mugger while they were trying to rob a school girl.

Kiko unexpectedly dropped on one of the three muggers of a school girl, as they hit the ground the two were wondering where he came then all of the sudden the victim saw a window of chance and kicked one nearby by the crotch.  Everything happened so fast, the other mugger grabbed her by the hair and slapped her unconscious.  The victim fell on the ground unconscious while Kiko stand’s-up and apologizing to the dizzy mugger; little did he noticed that the mugger had concealed knife and in a nick of an eye stabs Kiko by the mid-section.  He is still human and vulnerable, apparently he can only dodge and deflect other projectiles hitting him consciously but not direct hits made on a close range which he didn’t notice.  Kiko was bleeding when the alibata tattoo glowed all-over his body, the wound closes and regenerated rapidly and healed.

The muggers were shocked on what they saw; His eyes glowed and bright yellow; His alibata changed color from black traditional tattoo to glowing markings; the victim had a glimpse of Kiko then fainted again from what she saw.

It was like Resgram saving his mother, in split seconds he moved with speed disarming every mugger and beating them up. He was barely in control and almost killed the muggers from the blows given; he then went to the unconscious girl.  Everything was like magic; it was the most angelic face he has ever seen. Barely able to stand-up and still in shock, the girl looked at Kiko in the eye silently thanking him.

It’s alright now, your safe. [Kiko pointed at the knocked-down thugs]
“Who are you? What are you?” (still shaken from what had happened)
A friend! Can you stand-up at make it on your own? I’d call the cops and have these guys arrested, but I don’t think they would listen to me. [pointing at himself and the markings all over his body]
“Yeah, I think I can make it on my own.” (held on Kiko’s hand as she tries standing)
(as Kiko truned around and walks away) “Will I ever see you again?”
Time will tell… take care. [noticed that the alibata were still present, he jumped and surprisingly soared]

To be continued… 

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Secretary Jesse Robredo - A Modern Filipino Hero

I know a little about this person; but his untimely death somehow compelled me to write an article about him and how significant his life was.  By now, there are a lot of tributes and specials on TV being made to remember him or to honor him.  A frequent remark is “sayang” or “WHAT A WASTE” to lose such a man. The question is who is JESSE MANALASTAS ROBREDO?

SEC. JESSE M. ROBREDO is primarily asked by Pres. Noynoy Aquino to head the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) aside from being a Liberal Party member, he was the youngest Mayor in the country at the age of 29 in Naga City for 18 years.  During Robredo’s time as Mayor he revitalized the City and made it one of the “Most Improved Cities in Asia” as cited by Asiaweek Magazine likewise awarded him the “RAMON MAGSAYSAY AWARD” for his dedication and contribution to Naga City.  He was one of the high ranking officials who can roam around its constituents freely as he is described in the magazine.

I believe that more than just being a party member, he was not just qualified to lead DILG but will also appointed to set a clear example for the LGU and connected offices. Not an example we want but an example we need; clearly this is in lieu to the President’s Aim for Good Governance or “Matuwid na daan.” campaign.   I will not further indulge myself in sharing what most of media will do but simply honor his man for his sheer dedication to public service.

I know most people reading my blog would ask “WHY?”; Why would I write about someone I don’t know and is not related to superheroes or toys? Maybe because I was flattered to know there are still these few men that exist and are committed to public service. Quite frankly it made me think of what Christopher Nolan’s direction to his Batman Trilogy that beyond Bruce Wayne; Batman will be a symbol and make decision’s no one can.  But Sec. Robredo surpasses the Dark Knight in so many ways; aside from the fact the he is real and he is also a devoted family man.

After hearing, seeing and learning about this man’s simplicity and accomplishment I felt compelled to write a simple tribute in my own simple way.  I believe we lost a great man. A man of principles, a man of dignity, a man with ideals to make a country great and most of all a man who values family on top of his obligation to his country.

I believe Sec. Robredo’s death maybe untimely for his love ones and colleagues but is not meaningless as others may think.  His death opened the door and gateway to his life, his compassion, his simplicity and devotion to good governanceWe would never have known he takes the bus on his own to be with his family.  We would never have known he would miss political meetings because he had to go home and support his daughter on her exams the following day. We would never have known he is the principal mind behind the transparency and accountability guidelines being push by DILG.  His untimely death spawned to the knowledge of a hero who did not boast of his power, a hero who does not look at himself above others and a hero any of us can be.  I believe there is a Sec. Robredo in all of us.  A desire for change, a desire to do good, a desire to help, a desire to have a better Philippines.

Sec. Robredo is God’s way of reminding each and every Filipino that there is still hope, we can still be a better nation, we can all take part and financial gain will not be an issue.  His death is indeed a great loss and none wanted but a midst all the tragedy that had happened, it needed the death of a great man to remind us as a nation where we are at.  That there is hope and there is a better future, despite of what most of us think there are still men like JESSEE MANALASTAS ROBREDO that will give hope and direction to our country.

Our sincerest condolences to the family, we are one in prayer and wish you all the best despite this great loss. It was a privilege to know and learn so much about him that will greatly have impact on my work and family.  Thank you for sharing him to the Filipino Nation.

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Man from Manila - Episode 9 - Awakening


Resgram was harked back to his past after feeling a strange but familiar aura from a boy who visited.  Harold was Kiko’s closest friend; he was like a big brother and for that he was worried on why he has not seen Kiko for a while. Upon entering the Laboratory; he checked on Kiko and the status of the procedure.

Episode 9 – Awakening

[You seem to be worried sir. You are not yourself and upon scanning; your vital signs you seem to be weakening.  Is there anything I can do sir?]
“I am impressed with you computer, your AI is most impressive.  You have proven to be more than just equipment to me.”
[May I ask sir, why this much interest in this boy? His mother? His welfare?]
“I have been here for quite a while computer; I have failed myself and everything I stand for.  I have lived my life in compromise, avoiding conflict and never stood up for what I believed in.  Nikka gave me a new start and make things better until she died; Kiko is all I have left.”

Resgram sat down in front of Kiko’s chamber and looked at him. “This boy will be my Legacy in this planet; he will be embodying everything I failed to do. Unlike the shadows where I hide, he will be exposed and embraced by this generation.”

[You have big plans for this boy]
“Have high hopes and dreams for this boy”


Much has changed over the years; the backyard now has a vegetable garden and farm animals such as chickens and turkeys roaming around.  On the other side there are two pigs in a self made pen; other plant can also be found such as tomato, chili, okra, egg plants and many more.  This was Resgram’s recent project for since last year.  He was preparing for Kiko’s awakening in few weeks time.

Much has also changed in Kiko’s appearance over the years, he is now a young man.  There are now only five (5) tubes connected including the oxygen and the Alibata tattoo’s are finished and has adopted to his body; these markings on his body are not just tattoos but is the bio nano-tech installed to stabilize Resgram’s blood and Kiko.  These are special markings in a way that after he awakens and is removed from the chamber it will subside and are invisible; Resgram programmed it in such a way that the inks would adopt Kiko’s skin pigment.

Resgram was out in the nearby cliff, it was across the wide field where Kiko used to play, a big tree was holding the ground, looking down the cliff is the nearby river.  Water ran constantly due to the fact that water comes from the other side of the mountain and into the town across the valley.  Wind blowing in his face as he closed his eyes standing near the edge.  Vision like images visualized through dreaming was part of the chamber’s programming to teach basic things since he was not in school, the sense of playing and enjoying his childhood was simulated… suddenly he opened his eyes.  His comlinked beeped [We are ready sir for discharge] Resgram nodded looked down in the ground and almost smiled, turned around and looked at the sky. “Welcome back” softly spoken in the air and flew back to the house.

“Computer, are we ready?”
[100% sir, vitals are optimum]
“Ok, initiate release sequence.”

The chamber, moved from vertical to horizontal, fluids are slowly drained from the cylinder. The cylinder top glass slides open then is concealed under the floor via opening panel. Tubes on the arms and legs are removed as it retracts down the floor; lastly the oxygen support is removed. You can see the excitement in Resgram’s eyes as everything unfolds.  The Alibata Tattoo slowly subsides as the ink matches color with Kiko’s skin tone.  Resgram covers Kiko’s body with a towel and prepared a robe when he wakes.  Resgram moved him from the lab into another room where he and his mom used to stay.  He was given clothes; everything was camouflage like before making everything looked normal. 

Resgram didn’t want Kiko startled with everything, he felt everything will be explained and revealed in due time. He had an alibi for everything, which he will initially explain to the boy.  He was shot and sadly her mother passed away and due to the shot he was in coma for 5 long years.  He will simply explain to the boy that all he needed to do was be patient and wait for him to wake up eventually which will be a miracle, and now this miracle is a reality in him waking-up.

Kiko after a few minutes starts to open his eyes, everything is blurred and everything is slowly getting clear, it was like waking up from a long deep sleep, a bit drowsy as he gets up?

What just happened? [Touching his head like he had a severe headache]
“A miracle happened, a miracle that brought you back.”
Nana! [Sudden outburst] My Nana was in trouble! Where is my Nana? [Worried, and then suddenly jumped out of the bed to run outside and falls]
“You are still weak, and needs a little more time to recuperate” [Helps Kiko stand-up and assists him to his bed to sit down]
How long was I in coma?
“Five years”
That long? How did I survive? You took care of me?
“I did. I did it for your Nana; I did because you mean a lot from me”
Thank you [Grabs Resgram and embraced him as tears flow down and he started to cry]
“There, there, calm down now, your Nana wouldn’t want to see you cry” [reluctantly gave in and embraced Kiko] “Do you know what your Nana would want you to do?”
“Be the best person you can be and live your life happily and to the fullest.  The best thing you can be is a force for good, helping those in need”
[Looks at Resgram in the eye] Do you think I can do that?
“I know you can!”

Resgram then brought Kiko to his mother’s grave in front of their house, Kiko was crying while he was placing a rose on it. He promised that he will live up to her expectation and will do his best not to help others in need.  Resgram also showed the boy the new vegetable garden and the livestock’s he had, told him that he needs to eat nutritious meal to make him strong and healthy.  There is smile in Kiko’s face as he saw everything.  He couldn’t believe he has been a sleep for such a long time.

Kiko asked Resgram if he could accompany him to the fields where he used to fly kite and play.  He wanted to see the river by the cliff; he wanted to go back to familiar places.  Upon arriving in the fields, Kiko closed his eyes and felt the breeze of the wind pass his face.  He could feel it from the fresh air that he is alive and well with a future worth looking forward.  Resgram felt that Kiko can manage on his own and wanted to enjoy his re-emergence in the world to he told Kiko he was going back to the house and feed the pigs and the chickens.

‘Wow, not much has changed.’  Kiko said while he walks near the cliff besides the old tree. ‘Good thing you’re here’ as he taps the tree ‘You’re the only thing that’s holding the ground.’ He then jumped on the cliff testing the soils stability because of the tree ‘Wow, your awesome!’ then all of the sudden, the ground eroded, him jumping on it made the soil collapsed along with the tree.  Kiko then plummet down with the tree following after him. Kiko screams in fear as he falls down the running river below and at the mercy of a big tree hitting him.  Resgram heard the scream from the house and rushed back to the field to see what the trouble was.

Kiko suddenly glowed, his Alibata tattoos emerged from his skin and as soon as he almost hit the water, he stops and floated and by reflex waives his arms and dodges the tree. As the tree hits his arms, the tattoo was glowing and the tree was swiped and broken in half, he had sliced the tree with his bare hands and the part that hit him was broken into pieces.  Kiko was both surprised and in shock on how fast everything has happened. His reflexes and presence of mind was subliminal.  In the same instance as he hit the tree his legs kicked the air above the water and catapulted him up like a big leap and landed in the ground with the help of his hands safely.

To be continued… 

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Man from Manila - Episode 8 - Haunting Past


Resgram initiated PROJECT GENESIS with Kiko, a combination of Bio-Organic Nano-Tech infused in the ink of Alibata Tattoos scribed in the body of the boy to regulate the two different DNA in his body.  The entire process will be a long 5 years before it will be finished.

While he was in Nikka’s grave, he saw a boy nearby looking for Kiko.  He was Harold Casaclang, and there was something mysterious about the boy.

Episode 8 – HAUNTING past

Resgram is puzzled over his recent conversation with Harold, he felt something strange yet familiar.  Even the name is familiar, he tries to recall how, when and why a certain aura is very familiar. Flash of images from the past appears in his mind.

It was the early 1200, the Philippines was part of the exploration of untapped civilization for the Annunakis.  The vast archipelago makes it very ideal secluding artifacts for safekeeping.  Resgram was with Zannukah his exploration and scientific partner, their main mission in the Philippines is to adapt to locals and make them mine gold for them.

Zannukah and Resgram had their differences for a long time; Resgram disagrees in making people follow my misleading them as Gods. He believes that man can be used willingly as long as they are explained why they need it, choose worthy allies and give them the ability to help in the exploration and mining of gold. Zannukah on the other hand looks as the human as beings who would just follow orders, the less they know the better…

“All they need to do is follow orders. They are all puppets and we are their puppeteers.”
We are better than this… we are the greater species; we help them evolve on to what they are now. I believe we can help each other mutually.
“You are as naïve as these humans.  I can’t believe I have to put up with you. [moved closely to Resgram and whispered in his ears] You better get out of my way or else there will be trouble. [Turned around and walked away]

Zanukah on his exploration met Miguel, he was the tribe head sorcerer.  The tribe was located strategically near the sea with a wide landscape on the other side used for farming and a small town.  Miguel was on a cliff nearby meditating when Zanukah saw him from a far.

[Speaking in Visayan Language of the Philippines] You are not from here?
[Zannukah is puzzled as the native speaks in his natural tongue] “Comlink, interface and translate.”
You are not from here? I sense greatness in you my friend.
“I am very impress with you human, you posses power beyond your fellow beings.  I have seen similar traits but you are different in many ways.”
[Telephatic link] What do you seek my friend?
[Zannukah is surprised to hear voices directly in his head] “Promising indeed.”
I am this tribe’s head sorcerer, they call us Punong Babaylan.  I am the only male of my kind.
“Then I will be your mentor so you can be the best there ever will be.”
Tempting, but at what cost?
“Worship me for I am a god sent from the heavens to protect you in exchange for your loyalty and gold offerings.”
God? And what do I get from all of this as your humble servant?
“I will give you power beyond comprehension; you will be my right hand of power. Even your leader will follow you first and worship you along my side.“

Miguel is amazed by what this being is telling him but is having a hard time believing it.  Suddenly he throws a wooden spear to Zannukah from nowhere telepathically; stones around him float and shoots like bullet.  Zannukah was amazed and impressed but with one swipe of the hand everything disintegrated.  He the unleashed an energy with about a mile radius which Resgram felt from their base. “Here we go again.” Resgram said to himself and left the hidden craft.  He went and see what Zannukah was doing and what caused him the outburst of energy.  On the other side of the island, the villagers from Miguel’s tribe also saw the flash of light from a far and the light earthquake that shook the ground.  Everyone was terrified and shocked from what they have just saw.

You got my attention.
“I see you want to test me human” [floats and unleashes energy of almost a mile radius] You dare challenge me? [floats towards Miguel] Defiance has a price… [held his hand up as if he is lifting him and choking him] … death.
Forgive me my lord, I will do as you say. Please release me and I will pledge my loyalty
[throws Miguel on the ground] “Very well. Go back to your tribe and tell them that a god has spoken to you and he will be coming to your land; that you will be blessed as long as you will be obedient and give gold as offering.”
Yes, my lord. [Miguel bowed and walked away in fear to return to his tribe]

As soon as the human was further away, Resgram appeared and confronted Zannukah.  Tension can be felt between the two as Resgram does not agree in what Zannukah is trying to do.  Both are at a fighting stance and pebbles of rock can be seen floating around the two, each of them emitting energy as if both are trying to show who is much stronger.

This is pointless Resgram! It’s either your with me or against me?
“You know too well my friend that I do not agree with this.”
Yes my friend, but mark my words if you get in my way this will be the last place you will ever explore.  You are weak and not worthy to be called an Annunaki, while I am destined for greatness.
“Be it as it may, but I will also do what I think is good for this people.”
I know you will.  It has always been this way.

Zannukah tapped Resgram in his shoulder and flew their way back to their ship.  There is regret in the eyes of Resgram.  He was not ready to take chance, he wasn’t sure if he would win a fight. A flash of light suddenly came from nowhere. [end flashback]

“Arrghhh… [bowed and held his head in pain] The past have always hunted be because I never took a chance, I never fought for what I believed was right.”  Resgram said to himself as he enters the house and went back to Kiko in the Laboratory.

To be continued…

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Benefits of Collecting

Hobby: Collecting Precious Items

Are you fond of collecting things that can be memorable to you? It is better to collect items that will let you remember the history of certain places and events. Each time you see the things you would like to collect; it is like time travel that brings you back to the ancient days. There are crystals and other rock formations that can be found in the mountains. In the Philippines, there are various mountains and underground rivers that contain different types of rocks. However, these things cannot be collected because the government protects them. Sometimes attachment to other important things is real. If you really cannot collect stones or rocks, then do not hesitate to collect books, magazines and stuff that are available back in the 70’s and 80’s. 

Collection of Books

We know that some collectors become entrepreneurs just by selling books. There are old books that can be gathered and these pages are really thick. Others are more interested in the story about vengeance while some readers prefer to read stories about related to police investigation. Crimes, syndicates, horror stories and fantasies are the ones that are often considered by people today. You see, we don’t read just about anything. Collection of books is an interesting hobby but there are specific titles and types you need to look at. Books are easier to collect but other things such as watches, rocks and jewelries sometimes allow you to go out and canvass. For others who are practical, they can look for books that are sold at a lower price. Typically, these are second hand books that cost much cheaper than the usual ones. These can be bought from different stores that offer huge discounts. If you’ve read books at home, it will be a good idea to collect them instead of giving them away. Others usually sell it to earn a little. The decision is all yours.

Collection of Magazines

Do you like reading magazines on your spare time? Have you ever thought of collecting them? Before making a final decision, it is important to consider certain categories. These can be technology, science, health and fitness, lifestyle, show business and sports. Actually, there are other things to be added here but let us just name a few. Just like books, collectors can have a chance of buying magazines from owners who offer a book sale. Please don’t throw away magazines that seem to be uninteresting. Let’s face the fact that readers have different tastes. If magazines are about nature and fashion, you need to put them in the proper order and category. Some collectors usually remember the dates, featured personality and added articles. Even if there are topics that seem to be boring, these will still add to a wide range of your collection. To have a good collection of books, it is recommended that these still have introduction and pages are all complete. It is a good move to show the book’s authenticity.

The purpose of collecting items is to show your interests. There are things that have a real connection to the past and these will be your collection.

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Man from Manila - Episode 7 - A Friend


Resgram initiated PROJECT GENESIS on Kiko in order to save his life, using a combination of Bio-organic and Nano Technology infused as Alibata Tattoos. Over-all it will take 5 years before the entire process will be finished.

Outside the house, the altar where Nikka's boss placed her ashes stumbled upon his sight; he approached it and said "I am so sorry I wasn't able to protect you as I have promised. I promise you now that I will not just protect Kiko, he will be more than a son to me now, he will become like me.

A young boy approached him from the back “Are you Kiko’s father?”

Episode 7 – A friend

Who are you? Why do you know Kiko?
“I met him on the fields a few weeks ago. He was a very articulate and sharp kid for his age.”
What’s your name boy?
“Harold sir! Harold Casaclang. I live just around the hill sir, near the grassland.”

Resgram was puzzled on why Kiko never mentioned Harold before. Kiko often play in the grassland due to the wide open space where he can run and fly his kite. Harold is a few years older than Kiko, he could never have had played with him but knowing Kiko; he has always been observant of things around him.

How old are you boy? Aren’t you too old to be playing, especially with a 7 year old?
“I am 12 sir, we actually don’t play. He asks a lot of questions, I just watch and occasionally have conversation with him, as I said he is quite sharp.”
Humnnnn…. You say your name is Harold Casaclang. Are you related to a certain Miguel Casaclang?”
“I don’t think so, I have never heard of it sir. As annoying as it is, I do miss Kiko. Who is in the grave?”

Resgram was in a stand still, he doesn’t know whether to answer the boy or not. He looked at him, Harold was a timid kind of a boy, although he is in a conversation; he weighs his question as if he was hesitating but curious. Tears slowly drop from Harold’s eyes. He was more disturbed than he was a while ago.

Why do you cry?
“I feel great pain sir! The person in the grave holds a special place in your heart.” [pause] “Its Kiko’s mother! Has anything bad happened to Kiko? Pls do tell me sir!”

Resgram is amazed by Harold’s intuition, who could he have known? And how come he knows or understands how he feels. Resgram closed his eyes and concentrated; he wanted to tap on the boy’s emotion, his heart. In his mind it was all clear, white as snow – blank… then there was darkness slowly the white is taken into darkness until there was nothing – a void. He sees Harold falling and just in the middle of nowhere, Kiko grabs his hand and stops him from falling. And then there was lightning and thunder… both were confused on what was happening; until a flash of light overtook everything and Resgram opened his eyes.

Resgram shook his head and was very dizzy from the trance he was in. “Sir? Are you alright?” Resgram waived his hand OK and stood in front of Harold. He held his hands on his shoulder, looked him in the eyes and said.

Yes, that is Kiko’s mother. Something bad happened and Kiko is inside resting. Soon, you will see your friend again. You are a good boy I can see and feel that, never look away from the light in your heart and everything will be ok.

“I will be going to Manila tomorrow to study. Please tell Kiko that I will miss him. I will try to visit him as soon as I get back. [walks away from Resgram] Thank you for the advice sir, I will keep that in mind.”
Yes, keep it in your heart as well.

Harold walks away and goes back home, in the gate her Aunt who has also been Harold’s nanny for quite some time asked where he had been? Harold smiled and said “I went to the kid nearby and said goodbye. He was the same kid you saw with me in the fields flying kite.” Her Aunt is very happy that Harold had found someone to be a friend but is wondering isn't the boy too young?

Harold smiles at her Aunt; he remembers every time when Kiko’s mother would go call him from the field as they fly kite and gives them a snack or call them in for a meal. Harold envy Kiko; in his mind upon seeing the love of Kiko’s mom for the child, Harold remembered his own parents, who were both abroad working for him to have a better future and only his Aunt was the one there for him as a companion. Since then, Kiko looked upon Harold as an elder brother, calling him “kuya”, and would greet Harold and walk with him as the latter goes to school.

Meanwhile a shadowed figure in a cloak was looking over at the house of Resgram, it was almost invisible with glowing yellow leaf shaped eye and smoke like trail, it was some sort of a spirit gazing at Resgram while he was talking with Harold up to the time he left. Resgram felt something different and looked at the tree where the spirit was, as his eyes is about to catch a glimpse of the mysterious shadow it vanishes with the wind like smoke.

“I felt that aura before, it was a long time. How could it be?”

The mysterious shadow reappeared as Resgram walked inside the house. The figure slowly became clearer into a full figured person in a cloak. The figure pulled his sleeves up and Alibata symbols were tattooed in his fist. The left fist tattoo reads as “Kalasag ng lupa” or Sword of the land scribed in Alibata while the right fist “Wangis ng Tao” or Image of Man also in Alibata.

“Could he be the same being that gave me these tattoos before? Why does he know me…. Why does he know Miguel Casaclang?

To be continued...

Harold and Miguel Casaclang is a character created and developed for this Original Pinoy Hero Mini-Series by PTK Marvel Division Member Dirv de Venecia.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Cosplay Event

The Dark Knight Rises Cosplay Event
by Planet Krypton Philippines and ROMS Computers

Since last year and up to the recent Annual Philippine Toy Convention 2012 at the SM Megamall there have been a lot of buzz going on for The Dark Knight Rises movie.  Exhibited and one of the main display was the authentic costume of actor Christian Bale as Batman.  It was awesome to see and have picture taken with it, seeing it in person is surreal and was awesome specially for those who are fans of the Nolanverse Batman.

July marked the showing of the third installment of the Dark Knight franchise under Christopher Nolan as usual, a friend of mine is having his personal event for the movie.  This is the only time I will write an article regarding his hobby despite of the other movie event he organized simply because this time I was invited. No offense meant but aside from that my Best Friend Mike Alfante was asked to play as Bane.

Meet ROMM-EL, a business man, comic book enthusiast, collector and cosplayer all rolled into one. Independent, smart and quite a hobbyist if I may say. He owns ROMS Computer (you can find them in favcebook via in BF Parañaque and PLANET KRYPTON The Philippines' No. 1 Source of Super Hero Arts, Lifesize Statues & Lifesize/Scaled Busts, Prop Replicas, and Other Comic Memorabilia. Their website

ROMM-EL is wearing an authentic costume of the Dark Knight as played by Christian Bale in the movie. It's awesome to see costume replicas that are not only authentic but can be worn by its owners. I am amazed by the craftsmanship of this costume since I only saw the original on display.

Meet our special guest for the night, Ms. Jahziel Manabat.  She has bee introduced to the Toy community last Toycon when she made an appearance for one of the toy group exhibitors, this time she played Catwoman as portrayed by Actress Anne Hathaway.  She is wearing an authentic mask belt and headgear as depicted in the movie courtesy of PLANET KRYPTON. You can check their website for availability or for orders, but I have to remind everyone that these are authentic products.

An of course my best friend Mike Alfante, he is the in-house technician at ROMS Computer. The mask he is wearing is a professionally crafted poly resin replica of the mask worn by the villainous Bane in the hit film “The Dark Knight Rises.” Made from Task 16 resin (rubber), it is highly durable and maintains form extremely well. It is also well painted to be screen accurate.

All of the costumes are provided by ROMM-EL for accuracy and authenticity. Mike had to wear a bald cap to depict the character, although the coat and vest are different from the film, it is still clearly depicted as Bane.

Me, my eldest son Dave and his cousin Jasond went there as support to Mike in his first cosplay gig. It was fun and a learning experience. I remember my son being very enthusiastic about the costume and his cousin Jasond about how pretty Jahzel was.

My son and his cousin enjoyed this experience a lot, we get to have first hand account of what's happening.  Both ROMM-EL and Jahziel were very accommodating with everyone who wanted to take their pictures with them.

Mike had fun despite saying it wasn't a joke to be a part of this, staying in character and sweating because of the bald cap and thick jacket.

It was nice to know that many people appreciates and accept cosplaying now-a-days.  It was something that took time before it came to acceptance, before grown men wearing costumes or portraying their favorite character was something bizarre and only was a kid only thing.

The picture featured is one of my favorite, it features a Dark Knight fan with cerebral palsy.  They were very happy to have pictures with the characters.  Its fulfilling in a way that we get to make dreams a reality in our most simple way.  A lot of kids, I know I was one who wanted to meet these characters in person.  Somehow I feel we accomplished something.

Sorry for the poor picture quality, wrong setting while I was taking the picture.  Ms Tessa Prieto-Valdes was also in the area and as fun as she is, she took a pose with the most wonderful smile. As a fashion designer, columnist and social-philanthropist known for her flamboyant outfit; it is an honor having her join us for a pose.

Also adding star power to our event is Ms Daphne Osena Paez whom I personally admire for her wit and simplicity.  This TV Host, Producer, Model and Businesswoman sets a high standard in journalism for me and you can join her in her personal blog at (I will e-mail you a high resolution copy after publishing this)

I am amazed on how accommodating Ms Daphne was and asking some questions regarding this event.  She was even surprise to learn that it was a personal thing and no sponsors backing-up since the costumes are highly detailed and authentic.

Thank you for your courtesy and simple support to our cause.

Of course there are the kids to whom this was really intended. I feel the heart of a child in ROMM-EL in organizing this, for his daughter to remember; for his nephews to cherish. Its like a meet and greet gig by big companies but since its a personal gig, there are no fuzz and restrictions for a photo-op.

There were also few item from Maxi Collector featured in the Rockwell Cinema.  Hot toys 1/6 scale items and a bust of the Dark Knight.  I highly recommend Maxi Collector as a retailer in high end collectible figures, I got my 1989 Michael Keaton Batman there and they are awesome.

You can check-out there latest collectible figures on sale or pre-order at their Facebook account or you can visit their local stores for more info.

Here are more pics of the Dark Knight Rises Even by ROMM-EL of PLANET KRYPTON Philippines featuring Ms. Jahziel Manabat as Catwoman and Mike Alfante as Bane.

The Dark Knight  is all tied-up by this Pussy....Catwoman!

Its a fight for the ultimate price...the Cat!


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Batman and all related characters owned by DC Comics and Warner Bros. Inc.
No copyright infringement intended in the making of this article. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Man from Manila - Episode 6 - Risk

After a tragic event that leads to the death of Nikka, Kiko's life is on the line with Resgram doing everything to save him.  Resgram is using all his resources from different planet and timelines, hopefully there is time and way to save Kiko.

After initiating Gene Splicing Experiment and a specially formulated serum, Kiko's body slowly stabilize, but for how long?

Episode 6 - Risk

Resgram is drained by all the stress and frustration regarding Kiko's condition, he fell asleep as the computer stated "Host body stabilizing... Vital signs - Normalizing".  He may just save the boy's life and left that silver lining despite the death of his mother Nikka. After a few minutes "Alert - Alert! Reaching critical mass!" sirens were on and lights were red.  Resgram was shocked "What happened, I thought vitals are normalizing?” "Yes sir, but host body is to fragile for the transfused blood" the computer answered. "You’re dense and unique DNA structure is too much for the host to handle. Our mechanical life support is the only reason why host body stabilized, still vitals are fluctuating" the computer explained.

"It is futile to insist that the host body will adopt you blood sir, estimated chance of survival 0.00067% without the containment" the computer explained.  "How long without containment life support" asked Resgram "Immediate sir!". He is in despair regarding Kiko's situation despite gene splicing techniques, he is failing to save the boy. "Initiate Project Genesis" Resgram commanded.

PROJECT GENESIS is an experimental procedure that was being experimented way back the Egyptian time when Resgram first arrived at the planet.  Early Annunaki's had already tried such during the early ages, it was slow and tedious.  It was the cause of evolution between primates to the early stages of man, it was the Annunaki's way of developing human for slaves or followers.  During the Egyptian time the experiment was first put to test as leaders of the Alien race posed as Pharaoh and built sophisticated structures as beacons for future invasions.  Slaves were specifically marked and was genetically altered to posses certain traits such as strength, levitation and durability.  Since humans are fragile and can only take so much, the said project was terminated after several hundred of years.

"Never was it experimented before on this scale and magnitude sir, almost 50% of the host blood is alien" the computer reminded Resgram. "Now would be the best time to try.  I will not let this boy die in my hands." Resgram will be using a mixture of nano tech and bio-infused tech scribe as invisible "battuks" (tattoo), placed and marked on strategic places all over Kiko's body.  The tattoos will serve as a mediator link between the alien and human DNA thus allowing it to live inside the host body harmoniously. Since Kiko is a Filipino, Resgram used an old form of symbol used by the Annunakis in marking their warriors; later on it became a Filipino tradition as a mark of bravery the - Alibata Scriptures.

The Alibata tatoos will be his armor and protection, hopefully since Kiko's is too young it will take more than just a while before we can remove him from the chamber but this will be enough and sufficient as it will adopt and grow also further enhance him as he ages. The Alibata will be concealed from the skin and inserted under the epidermis so he can live and have a normal life. "Computer, compute estimated time of containment for the entire process to be completed?" Resgram asked the computer.  "Due to the complexity of the pattern and vast distribution - - - - five (5) years". Resgram looked at the screen "Initiating initial pattern insertion, computer give me a progress report on the estimated chance of survival after the adoption of Project Genesis"

The first pattern was to be infused on the wrist part going to the hands stating "Kamao ng Bato" or Fist of Stone. Little needle like attachment from a mechanical arm carefully infused Kiko the Alibata markings with Annunaki Bio-Nano Tech specifically formulated and develop for his experiment.  Kiko was twitching while every puncture is made, Resgram could feel the agony of the child even in its state of coma.   After the incision "Computer! Re-calibrate everything to new settings and give me a, estimate chance of survival." Computer shows the host body on the screen with numerical values and computations as well as the alibata symbols that were scribe "Estimated chance of survival 9.05%, values have grown significantly. Vitals are fluctuating but manageable." Resgram was relieved to hear such progress "Earth culture - Standard Primary Education"  Resgram wanted Kiko also to learn as he is held in suspended animation, five years would make him 12 by the time the experiment is over.

Resgram is taking a risk for both Kiko's life and future in having this experiment on him, likewise he knows that the Annunaki Royal Army and King back in his home planet has been closely monitoring Earth's activity to capture him and return him to his home planet.  Kiko's re-emergence would engulf him with abilities that will make him different but still human, hopefully this will not point at him for him to be captured or else he will put the entire planet at risk of an alien invasion that we have never experienced before.

"I have mapped the host body on where to put the Alibata signs... commence infusion." said Resgram "Sir it will take exactly 36 hours before another 24 character symbol can again be injected.  The host will need ample time to regenerate and heal" the computer explained.  Resgram bowed and acknowledge the situation and went out of his laboratory.  Outside the house, the altar where Nikka's boss placed her ashes stumbled upon his sight; we approached it and said "I am so sorry I wasn't able to protect you as I have promised. I promise you now that I will not just protect Kiko, he will be more than a son to me now, he will become like me."

To be continued...

Monday, July 09, 2012

Popeye The Sailor Man


POPEYE? Who among us who grew in the 80's don't know him?  He was the reason why we were all persuaded to eat vegetable. It was a common saying for our moms back then "Eat your vegetable so you can be strong like Popeye" or whenever we came from a fight, looses and started to cry; our mom would say "Now you understand why you need to eat your vegetables? To make you strong!  Look at Popeye, whenever he eats spinach he beats Brutus."

Those were the days of Saturday morning cartoons meant a lot for kids, most of us collecting had experienced this.  Our parent couldn't take us away in front of the Black and White TV until it was on commercial break, and whenever we do our chores, we would hurry-up and finish before the show resumes or worse, we stop and continue later.  I remember our TV was like a big cabinet with sliding doors and dials to change the channel, I would wait patiently for the picture to slowly come-out so I could watch my favorite cartoons. 

Now, here's a little history I learned about Popeye's origins:

Popeye the Sailor is a cartoon of a fictional character created by Elzie Crisler Segar.  Popeye has appeared in comic strips and cartoons on both TV and Movies, including a live-action version depicted by Robin Williams during the 1980's.  He first appeared in the Daily King Features comic strip Thimble Theatre on January 17, 1929.  Popeye also became the strip's title in later years.

In 1933, Fleischer Studios, the same studio who made the early animations of Superman adapted the Thimble Theatre characters into a series of Popeye the Sailor theatrical cartoon shorts. It was one of the most popular cartoons during the 1930s and was continued throughout the years as far as I can remember in the 80s.  It was a household name and was a favorite Saturday morning cartoon during my younger days along with Super Friends, He-Man, Thunder Cats and the Transformers.

I used to watch Popeye when I was a kid regularly, it was one of those Saturday morning cartoons which my Grandma recommends. I guess everybody had their Popeye escapades in their life, Popeye was a household name and was popular among parents due to his source of strength - SPINACH!

I really thought I had outgrew Popeye and Friends, It was similar to Tom & Jerry with simple comedic antics and was light to watch - It was fun.  Until I went to the 2012 Philippine Annual Toy Convention, It was my first time to go to such big event.  Like any other collector, I was looking around for some great buys, not expensive and hard-core stuff but are figures that I need to complete my line at affordable price or cheap and out of the ordinary.  It was a fun and exhausting afternoon, then I stumbled upon a box with old toys from one of the seller which I never got the name and there it was - a vintage rubber and articulated Popeye, Olive, Sweet Pea, Brutus and Lumpy as a set.

The toys were in an old transparent plastic bag, dirty and dusty; I looked at it closely and saw that a little cleaning these would still look great. "Manong, magkano dito? (Sir, how much for this set?)" I asked.  The seller was ignoring my query because he was more attentive with the other buyers looking at the more expensive stuff he was selling "P600 na lang (P600 for the set)" the seller said, I was in awe for the bargain, but as I say let's try to push our luck a bit "Wala na tawad? P500 na lang? (Any discount? Can I have it for P500?)" i said "Sige! (Ok)" he said; I pulled out my wallet and paid the man.  My friend said "Wow! Nice haul!", and it surely is.
My friend said it was a promotional toy way back from a local fastfood joint so we checked the figure for authenticity; and it was engraved that It's an official merchandise and made in the Philippines but with no marking of what so ever that it was made for the local fastfood company.  After cleaning the figures, they came out in excellent condition, tight joints, paint details in tact, there were some paint scratches and wear but bearable due to its age, over-all it was awesome.

POPEYE is the main character for this set, he is a sailor and is married to Olive Oyl and has one child Sweet Pea. The set is even made bigger with the Brutus figure which is the main villain and with Lumpy the burger munching extra, I would say its a decent Popeye cast set.  All of the figures are hollow rubber with minimal articulations in the hand and head.  I was staring at these figures for a while and fragments of my childhood would pop-out my head, it was harking me back to the 90s while I was enjoying these characters as I watched them on our old black and white TV.

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