Saturday, August 11, 2012

Man from Manila - Episode 8 - Haunting Past


Resgram initiated PROJECT GENESIS with Kiko, a combination of Bio-Organic Nano-Tech infused in the ink of Alibata Tattoos scribed in the body of the boy to regulate the two different DNA in his body.  The entire process will be a long 5 years before it will be finished.

While he was in Nikka’s grave, he saw a boy nearby looking for Kiko.  He was Harold Casaclang, and there was something mysterious about the boy.

Episode 8 – HAUNTING past

Resgram is puzzled over his recent conversation with Harold, he felt something strange yet familiar.  Even the name is familiar, he tries to recall how, when and why a certain aura is very familiar. Flash of images from the past appears in his mind.

It was the early 1200, the Philippines was part of the exploration of untapped civilization for the Annunakis.  The vast archipelago makes it very ideal secluding artifacts for safekeeping.  Resgram was with Zannukah his exploration and scientific partner, their main mission in the Philippines is to adapt to locals and make them mine gold for them.

Zannukah and Resgram had their differences for a long time; Resgram disagrees in making people follow my misleading them as Gods. He believes that man can be used willingly as long as they are explained why they need it, choose worthy allies and give them the ability to help in the exploration and mining of gold. Zannukah on the other hand looks as the human as beings who would just follow orders, the less they know the better…

“All they need to do is follow orders. They are all puppets and we are their puppeteers.”
We are better than this… we are the greater species; we help them evolve on to what they are now. I believe we can help each other mutually.
“You are as na├»ve as these humans.  I can’t believe I have to put up with you. [moved closely to Resgram and whispered in his ears] You better get out of my way or else there will be trouble. [Turned around and walked away]

Zanukah on his exploration met Miguel, he was the tribe head sorcerer.  The tribe was located strategically near the sea with a wide landscape on the other side used for farming and a small town.  Miguel was on a cliff nearby meditating when Zanukah saw him from a far.

[Speaking in Visayan Language of the Philippines] You are not from here?
[Zannukah is puzzled as the native speaks in his natural tongue] “Comlink, interface and translate.”
You are not from here? I sense greatness in you my friend.
“I am very impress with you human, you posses power beyond your fellow beings.  I have seen similar traits but you are different in many ways.”
[Telephatic link] What do you seek my friend?
[Zannukah is surprised to hear voices directly in his head] “Promising indeed.”
I am this tribe’s head sorcerer, they call us Punong Babaylan.  I am the only male of my kind.
“Then I will be your mentor so you can be the best there ever will be.”
Tempting, but at what cost?
“Worship me for I am a god sent from the heavens to protect you in exchange for your loyalty and gold offerings.”
God? And what do I get from all of this as your humble servant?
“I will give you power beyond comprehension; you will be my right hand of power. Even your leader will follow you first and worship you along my side.“

Miguel is amazed by what this being is telling him but is having a hard time believing it.  Suddenly he throws a wooden spear to Zannukah from nowhere telepathically; stones around him float and shoots like bullet.  Zannukah was amazed and impressed but with one swipe of the hand everything disintegrated.  He the unleashed an energy with about a mile radius which Resgram felt from their base. “Here we go again.” Resgram said to himself and left the hidden craft.  He went and see what Zannukah was doing and what caused him the outburst of energy.  On the other side of the island, the villagers from Miguel’s tribe also saw the flash of light from a far and the light earthquake that shook the ground.  Everyone was terrified and shocked from what they have just saw.

You got my attention.
“I see you want to test me human” [floats and unleashes energy of almost a mile radius] You dare challenge me? [floats towards Miguel] Defiance has a price… [held his hand up as if he is lifting him and choking him] … death.
Forgive me my lord, I will do as you say. Please release me and I will pledge my loyalty
[throws Miguel on the ground] “Very well. Go back to your tribe and tell them that a god has spoken to you and he will be coming to your land; that you will be blessed as long as you will be obedient and give gold as offering.”
Yes, my lord. [Miguel bowed and walked away in fear to return to his tribe]

As soon as the human was further away, Resgram appeared and confronted Zannukah.  Tension can be felt between the two as Resgram does not agree in what Zannukah is trying to do.  Both are at a fighting stance and pebbles of rock can be seen floating around the two, each of them emitting energy as if both are trying to show who is much stronger.

This is pointless Resgram! It’s either your with me or against me?
“You know too well my friend that I do not agree with this.”
Yes my friend, but mark my words if you get in my way this will be the last place you will ever explore.  You are weak and not worthy to be called an Annunaki, while I am destined for greatness.
“Be it as it may, but I will also do what I think is good for this people.”
I know you will.  It has always been this way.

Zannukah tapped Resgram in his shoulder and flew their way back to their ship.  There is regret in the eyes of Resgram.  He was not ready to take chance, he wasn’t sure if he would win a fight. A flash of light suddenly came from nowhere. [end flashback]

“Arrghhh… [bowed and held his head in pain] The past have always hunted be because I never took a chance, I never fought for what I believed was right.”  Resgram said to himself as he enters the house and went back to Kiko in the Laboratory.

To be continued…


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