Saturday, September 08, 2012

Man from Manila - Episode 10 - Gift


Kiko has finally awakened from his 5 year coma due an accident that almost took his life.  Resgram had to initiate Project Genesis; a combination of bio and nano-technology infused via alibata tattoo all-over his body.  This procedure allowed the combination of Alien and human blood.  Little that Kiko know that due to this he is now bestowed with great powers which he is yet to discover.

Kiko is again put in danger when the soil on the nearby cliff eroded along with an old tree plunging him down a rocky river when Kiko suddenly glowed, his Alibata tattoos emerged from his skin and as soon as he almost hit the water, he stops and floated and by reflex waives his arms and dodges the tree. As the tree hits his arms, the tattoo was glowing and the tree was swiped and broken in half, he had sliced the tree with his bare hands and the part that hit him was broken into pieces.  Kiko was both surprised and in shock on how fast everything has happened. His reflexes and presence of mind was subliminal.  In the same instance as he hit the tree his legs kicked the air above the water and catapulted him up like a big leap and landed in the ground with the help of his hands safely.

Episode 10 – Gift

Kiko was surprised on what had happened; it was so sudden and so fast.  It was a mixture of fear, disbelief and surprise.  He landed safely on the field knees down and with his hand touching the ground; it was like a giant leap.  He was still glowing and looking at his arms and legs filled with weird markings [alibata tattoo], then a little while he slowly stopped glowing and the tattoos slowly subsided.  It was only then that Resgram came because of the scream he heard when Kiko fell.

“Are you ok? What happened?”
[Kiko is confused and alarmed] What is wrong with me?  How did this happen?
[Confused because he did not witness the entire incident] “What do you mean? I don’t understand?”
I fell on the cliff! [Looked and pointed to where it happened] The old tree almost fell on me! I flew! [Surprised and confused at the same time] What am I? Who am I?
[Resgram paused and took a deep breath] “You are still the same boy you used to be but now you’re special. [Trying to calm the boy down] Now slowly, tell me what happened.” [Smiled at Kiko]

Kiko took a deep breath and started to narrate to Resgram the entire incident.  All along he didn’t notice he was somehow floating in the air.  The boy was emotional on what had happened and is trying to control his emotion from fear to calm.  He wanted Resgram to explain and tell him the truth but he did not know how to begin.  Kiko has just awakened from a coma of 5 years, the last fragment of consciousness was the terrible shooting incident which caused the death of his mother; it was just too much.

“You have always been special Kiko, now you are gifted with powers for you to use for good. I believe that you will be responsible with your gifts and will use them for good.”
I am so confused.  It is all happening so fast.
“Everything happens for a reason.  Maybe what happened will shape you in what you will become in the future, maybe it will shape you as an individual or maybe it is because great things are expected from you in the days to come.”

Kiko is frustrated with Resgram and thought that he did not understand what he is talking about.  Kiko approached a nearby tree and furiously punched the tree, to his surprise… nothing happened and he fell on the ground in pain for he had hit the tree with full force.  Resgram was also shock to see and learned that Kiko did not shatter the tree; he could not understand why the boy wasn’t able to summon his powers at will.

“Let us go home and put some ice on that.”
[Confused and in pain]  Ok. [Held Resgram’s hand as he got up]
“Maybe we can find the answers together.”

As they arrived home, Resgram gave Kiko some iced and wrapped them on old clothes for his hands, then went to his room.  Since Project Genesis is an untested experiment and beyond his computed parameters due to Kiko’s life threatening condition then, he wanted to fully understand how to harness the power.  Knowing that Kiko is resting, and putting ice on his hands; Resgram went inside his room laboratory.

“Computer, give me a summary diagnostic log on the procedure made on Kiko”
[Creating report, output ready in 30 minutes]
“Expand data on the primary function of the experiment on the boy.”
[Project Genesis is an untested experiment from your archives but is magnified due to the condition of the boy. Its main directive is to protect the host from eminent danger.]

Meanwhile, Kiko is again amazed on how his hand is healing.  Alibata is faintly seen and disappears as the bruises are healed.  He is more than sure that he has these powers but somehow is confused on how to manifest them.  Kiko quietly sneak’s out of the house and is willing to try on whether he can do extra ordinary feats again.  Resgram was pre-occupied to notice Kiko as he went out; Resgram was too busy figuring-out why Kiko’s power manifested in a bizarre manner.

Kiko was walking and wondering too much and failed to notice he had already reach town.  Much has changed over 5 years; more house, more commercial stores, more alleys and roads most of all more people. He enters an alley in between two commercial stories; nobody was around as he looks. Kiko was blowing his hand and whispering “You can do this!” as he was stretching his legs and preparing to jump; he closes his eyes and in full force jumped… sadly he didn’t soar but barely a few inches off the ground. He was so disappointed and confused and a dog suddenly appeared, it growled and barked at him.  The dog seemed astray and two more followed, his alibata tattoo appeared unconsciously all over his body and even his face almost making him unrecognizable as eminent danger is at hand. All the dogs seems rabid and is off to get him and as soon as a bite was almost there… he leaped backwards over the convenience store and landed on the next vacant alley hitting a mugger while they were trying to rob a school girl.

Kiko unexpectedly dropped on one of the three muggers of a school girl, as they hit the ground the two were wondering where he came then all of the sudden the victim saw a window of chance and kicked one nearby by the crotch.  Everything happened so fast, the other mugger grabbed her by the hair and slapped her unconscious.  The victim fell on the ground unconscious while Kiko stand’s-up and apologizing to the dizzy mugger; little did he noticed that the mugger had concealed knife and in a nick of an eye stabs Kiko by the mid-section.  He is still human and vulnerable, apparently he can only dodge and deflect other projectiles hitting him consciously but not direct hits made on a close range which he didn’t notice.  Kiko was bleeding when the alibata tattoo glowed all-over his body, the wound closes and regenerated rapidly and healed.

The muggers were shocked on what they saw; His eyes glowed and bright yellow; His alibata changed color from black traditional tattoo to glowing markings; the victim had a glimpse of Kiko then fainted again from what she saw.

It was like Resgram saving his mother, in split seconds he moved with speed disarming every mugger and beating them up. He was barely in control and almost killed the muggers from the blows given; he then went to the unconscious girl.  Everything was like magic; it was the most angelic face he has ever seen. Barely able to stand-up and still in shock, the girl looked at Kiko in the eye silently thanking him.

It’s alright now, your safe. [Kiko pointed at the knocked-down thugs]
“Who are you? What are you?” (still shaken from what had happened)
A friend! Can you stand-up at make it on your own? I’d call the cops and have these guys arrested, but I don’t think they would listen to me. [pointing at himself and the markings all over his body]
“Yeah, I think I can make it on my own.” (held on Kiko’s hand as she tries standing)
(as Kiko truned around and walks away) “Will I ever see you again?”
Time will tell… take care. [noticed that the alibata were still present, he jumped and surprisingly soared]

To be continued…