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The Man from Manila - Episode 4 - Tragic Twist


Resgram revealed himself to “Nikka” (Aiyanikka), he showed his abilities and partially explained his background and origins.  Despite of everything, she felt more secure than disturbed and accepted her faith with him and her soon to be child.

After a few months, Nikka gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  “The vitamin supplements I gave you during pregnancy were effective.  You have the most adorable and bouncing baby boy I have seen in a while.” said Resgram.  “Since we are Filipino, I want to name him after my favorite artist and my grandfather – FRANCISCO….. Francisco Magallanes; KIKO for short.” said Nikka.

It was a happy life for Nikka, Resgram and her child Kiko.  Resgram continued his research and provided for their needs.  Resgram’s deposit of gold as part of his research allows him to generate enough funds to live a decent life. Nikka on the other hand worked as a Store Cashier at local Supermarket in town, while her son Kiko studied at the nearby public elementary school.


Episode 4 – Tragic Twist

It was the 12th of June, a holiday in the Philippines celebrating its independence day.  Kiko woke up early even though there wasn’t any school for the day. Nikka asked her little boy “Why are you awake to early?  There is no school for today.”  Little Kiko looked with a smile to his mother “Nana, can I come to work with you today…. Please! Promise I will behave.” Kiko was so cute and adorable the whole time he was asking his mom. “How could you resist that face?” Resgram said and winked his eye as Kiko looked at him. “Did you put him up to this?” Nikka asked but smiling “Nope, I have nothing to do with that. I was just merely making a remark on what Kiko said. As a matter of fact, I don’t think it’s proper for him to tag around… but, it would surely be an awesome bonding time with your child.” Resgram smiled and looked at Kiko making a thumbs-up and him winking back.

Nikka was persuaded by the two to have Kiko come with her to work but insisted that he should not be naughty or stubborn while they are in “Nana’s” workplace. The boy was very excited to come to his mother’s work, he knows that “Nana” won’t be able to attend to him at all time; just the same, a whole day spent with his mom was something he always wanted.  “Be good Kiko. I don’t you to get in to any trouble.” Resgram said.  “Yes uncle, I will.” Kiko replied.

It was a happy day for both Nikka and Kiko, He behaved pretty well and Nikka was so proud of how intelligent her little boy was to her co-workers.  Nikka’s boss was so amused with her son she said “We need to make a deposit for the income of the grocery for the past couple of days. I suggest you go with Mang Pepe (the Driver) and bring your son, make the deposit and take the early off so you and your son can bond.  Here is an extra P200 on me as a bonus to your lovable son, go and eat at that restaurant with free toys along with the meal.”  “Thanks you so much ma’am, I really appreciate it.” Nikka replied.

Nikka got ready and told Kiko of the good news, He was so happy he hugged and kissed her several times and said “I love you Nana, you’re the best mother a boy can have!” Nikka was in tears to hear those words from her son. “I love you so much my son. You’re the best thing that happened in my life.” Nikka said in tears.

Little did they know that a group of armed robbers was observing and monitoring activities of the grocery; this was one of the moment they were waiting.  They have planned for this robbery for almost a month now, observed every movement, and studied who makes the deposit, where they will make the deposit and when and where it would be best to make the heist.  “This is perfect, we will operate today!” said the leader of the group as they prepare for the hold-up/robbery.

Nikka prepared the deposit slips and money to be deposited in the office; she neatly put them in a bag and packed everything to be easily handled.  She went to the restroom to freshen-up and then attended to her son.  When everything was ready “Ma’am, we are ready.  Thank you for giving me the day’s early off to spend it with my son, I really appreciate it“ Nikka said to her boss.  “You deserve the break, also this cute son of yours deserve a price for simply being adorable.” As Nikka’s boss went on her knee and pinched Kiko’s cheeks.

Meanwhile Resgram felt something strange, a sense of worry that something bad will happen.  Somehow he just can’t seem to pin point where and what.  It was something he had never felt before, it was a feeling he only felt when his mother was in danger; it was an urge that he cannot just ignore. Then it hit him “Nikka… Kiko!” Resgram said to himself.  He putted on his cloak and rushed outside.

The van wherein Nikka and Kiko was with had reached the road going to their house, it was a few blocks from the town bank.  It was then when they were cut by two black cars armed with men in hood and high firearms. Everything happened so fast, one shot the door near the lock so it can be opened.  One of the goons pointed a gun at the driver, while another shot the rear door lock. “Nobody needs to get hurt.  All we want is the money.” said the leader of the robbers. “Please don’t hurt us.” Nikka while embracing her son tightly said in a terrified voice.

“We need a hostage just to be sure” said one of the robbers.  “Take the girl or the kid, better yet take them both” said the leader. “No! Please don’t!” cried Nikka.  She struggled and scratched one of the robber’s faces, she kicked one on the balls and shouted “Run Kiko… run…. Save yourself!”

“Bang” gunfire echoed, Nikka fell on the ground.  “Bang” another gunshot. Resgram suddenly swooped in and twisted the neck of the one who shot Nikka.  There was gunfire everywhere.  Resgram’s speed and skills proved no match for the bullets fired as well for the robbers to stop him from his rage. After everything has cleared, all of the robbers were dead… so is Nikka. “Noooooooo!” Resgram cried. “Where is Kiko?” He was at the corner of the road going to their house bleeding on the ground. “Kiko!” Resgram immediately went to the boy and checked. “Still alive, but barely.  I need to take you back to the house to save you.”

To be continued…

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All characters mentioned are all original concepts for this Mini-Series.

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The Man from Manila - Episode 3 - Secret Past

After learning she was pregnant, Aiyanikka was torn on whether to keep the child or abort it.  She felt so ashamed and disarrayed because of the incident; fortunately the Mysterious figure known as Resgram made sense and persuaded her to make the right decision… to keep the child despite if everything that happened.

Days became weeks and weeks became months, Resgram took care of her and provided almost everything she needed while conceiving.  Aiyanikka seem adopted to her new life, away from the people she knew; though she regrets to be away with her family she is also at peace knowing she can start anew.

Resgram’s place though secluded had a small town nearby, compensating their basic needs to have a simple life. A small market for their food amidst all that nature has to offer them and native healers for basic medical needs, it was enough for them.

Episode 3 – Secret Past

One day after preparing food, she went to Resgram’s room and called her; being aware of his nature she did not wait that long for an answer.  Resgram stepped out of his room after a few minutes “What do you have inside there? Not that I want to enter your room but it’s always lock, and you spent most of your time there.” Resgram smiled “You don’t need to worry on such petty things, let us go and eat.”

“I’ve been here for quite a while now, but still I don’t know anything about you?” Aiyanikka asked while eating. “I really appreciate all your help and generosity; I am deeply touched on your values and your knowledge of things.  But still, I don’t know you.” Resgram smiled and continued eating. “Your really something - you want me to trust you but you don’t seem to trust me.” Aiyanikka stood up to get some more food.  One could see it in her face that she’s disappointed.  Upon returning to the table, she was now quiet.  One can even see how she lost her appetite; He could tell… she’s not as bubbly like when they started.  They have already finished eating and still there was silence.

After lunch, she walked out of the house and went into the nearby tree.  She stayed there in disappointment, holding her tummy she whispered “We owe our life to him, he has been so good but somehow we deserve to know more… the truth.” Little does she know Resgram followed her discreetly and was observing her.  His hearing was strong and could pick-up even her whisper. It was windy, the tree swayed vigorously.  She never noticed him come and go from the treetop.

The next day, He called Aiyanikka to drink some juice “I made this specially for you. Everything you eat is what your child eats. This is specially made to nourish our child.” She was looking outside the window when he called.  She was watching the birds fly across the blue sky, she was looking at the trees outside and field “Do you ever wonder how or why things are around us? Flying birds, growing trees, wind flowing; everything has their place and purpose, everything is a balance to each other.”  Resgram smiled and said “Come and drink this while it’s cold.” He then brought the juice to her as she was gazing at nature in the window. “Everything has a purpose and is a balance to something. Like good and bad, light and darkness, rich and poor.  None is without a purpose, it is up to us on how we will use it and be of significance.” Aiyanikka was astonished not by the wisdom shared but also the fact that Resgram is the one starting the conversation.  “Take the trees for example, they are important as it is, it gives clean air, lumber for construction, a simple shade under the sun and even though all trees have flower and fruit not all can be consumed as food. A tree such as the Coconut is significant to man because it can be harnessed to its optimum use; Food, shade, lumber and more…”

“Do you think I would be significant in anyway? Do you see something valuable my child will contribute to society?” she eagerly asked. “We are in control of whom we will be, specially you – you will mold your child in such a way you want to see him or her in the future.” Aiyanikka smiled “Indeed!” pleased with Resgram’s word of wisdom she asked “Is everything going to be puzzle between you and me? Do I have to figure out everything? Can you at least tell me who you really are?” He took a deep breath and asked “Are you ready to know the truth? How can you promise me things will be ok afterwards?” “Is it that bad?” she replied. “Remember the tree you always go to whenever you’re sad, go there and wait for me.  Let’s talk” confused Aiyanikka did as she was told, even looking back while walking to see if he was following.

Aiyanikka arrived at her favorite tree only to see and to her surprise – Resgram was already there waiting for her. “How did you get here?” she asked. “Tell me, are you ready to know and see more?” he asked. “Yes, I deserve to know the truth” with excitement she said.  Resgram held her hand and moved closer “Put your hand on my waist and hold on” he whispered “Are we going to dance?” she whispered back. “Something like that, please step on me and don’t be afraid” he smiled “Ready?” she was feeling awkward and silly “Ready to dance?” she replied and stepped on him. “I hope you won’t think that I am taking advantage of you.” To her surprise, upon looking around they were already flying, terrified she grabbed Resgram and embraced him “Please don’t let go! What are you?”

“We are known by many names, some worship us as gods, to some we are a myth – but we are here for quite some time now.   A keen observer of your kind, teaching your ancestors technology and have given them the knowledge they seek until now.  My race is known to your kind as the Anunnaki far advance from your kind, we originally came here to mine and conquer your planet for gold, it is a beacon of power and is very precious to us.  Our existence has been in history on many accounts from your bible to the Greek, Norse and Roman mythology.  Your ancestors described our ship as burning chariots in the sky as read in the mythology books.  It was almost described by Enoch in the bible, while in Asia it was called Vimmanas.”
“We have different kinds of powers like flight, speed and strength due to your atmosphere and sun.  We come from a planet with a blue sun, thus we process your solar energy far more efficient than humans.  My ancestors have gone from aggressor to inhabitants; some of us have found love in your people and have chosen to live amongst humanity.” Resgram explained. “How old are you?” She asked, the whole time while he was explaining she was looking in his eyes.  Fragments of Resgram’s memory are somehow flashed inside Aiyanikka’s head.

“I have witnessed my mother’s sorrow when my father left us and became part of the team to explore your planet, until tragedy arose and the ruler of land in our planet took my mother as his wife forcefully.  “I wanted to come here on Earth and face my father, get revenge but I learned differently.  I wanted to know why it was more important to come here and sacrifice our family.  I wanted to know how important gold is for our race that it meant such sacrifice.  After my mother died, it took a while before my father knew what had happened.  It was too late to rebel against our leader; he was a scientist and not a soldier.  I was sent here as a replacement and as a punishment for my father’s action against our government.  I learned the bitter sweet truth of life on your planet; I have wandered secretly and never went back despite orders or rendezvous in Egypt.”

They landed on the summit of the nearest mountain from where they lived. “For now, that is only what I can share, I hope you will still treat me the same way and would not look at me differently” he explained.  “I owe you my life, so does my child. Thank you for being honest and sharing the truth with me.  It is good enough for me, as long as you promise to take care of my child whatever happens and treat it as your own child.  I cannot promise to love you or be emotionally attached, you are more of a father for me – I hope you understand?”

“I do, I will do everything in my powers to protect you and your child”

To be continued…

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All characters mentioned are all original concepts for this Mini-Series.

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The Man from Manila - Episode 2 – An Inconvenient Truth

After being saved from a group of rapist by a mysterious figure, the girl was brought to a distant residence in a province where she had been mugged.  In a desperate attempt to save and help the girl recover, the mysterious figure adopts as a native with the girl.

“I have seen this condition and have run some test.  You are truly blessed, despite of everything that had happened….you are of child” said the mysterious figure. “NO! This cannot happen!” the girl shouted. Shouting “NO!” she cried and sobs dropping to a corner restless, in complete disarray from what she had discovered. “I’m a mess, what will happen to me now?  What will my friends and family say to me? I’m a disgrace! How can I live lie this?”

“Please try to calm yourself, do not look at this in such a way, there are bigger reasons and lessons being taught to us in such situation” calmly said the mysterious figure. “You want me to be calm? You want me to look at it differently? How? You couldn’t possibly understand what I feel? You will never understand!” furiously she said.  “I was supposed to be an engineer; I just went to a friend to study.”  The girl again fell in disappointment, restless and sobbed in one corner. “Do not be in vain, I swear to do everything to help and ease whatever pain you are feeling.” The mysterious figure calmly said to her.

“There might still be a way --- I can have this aborted.  I didn’t want any of this to happen; this was never supposed to happen. Yes, if you help me to get this thing off me --- I might still have a chance to live a normal life; maybe I can still pick-up the pieces and get my life back.” Anxiously; the girl explained to the mysterious figure.  She approached him “Please, help me get my life back.” The mysterious figure stoops down and replied “I cannot take a life, just as I have risked my existence to save yours --- I cannot do what you ask of me.” The mysterious figure turned around and calmly “You life does not justify taking your child’s life; to take it and save yours does not make sense.  I saved you because I know you do not deserve such, I am so sorry to acted too late… it was because I myself was afraid.”

Silence broke the conversation, the mysterious figure is torn between what he must do to save both.  He hears voices echoing from his past at random; confused he shakes his head to clear his mind then instinct ushers in… the girl quickly stood-up and ran towards the kitchen. “What’s does she plan to do?” he said to himself, he rushed and followed her in the kitchen as she grabbed a knife and aims to stab herself. In a blink of an eye, he swooped and quickly grabbed her by the hand where she was holding the knife restraining her and another hand from the waist to her back securing she could not stab herself. He held his face near her and whispered “This is not the answer, everything happens for a reason. Stop this madness!”

She slowly opened her hands and dropped the knife as tears slowly run from her eyes. “I should have died; you should have let me died!” She then fainted and dropped in the mysterious figure’s hands.   He lifted her and carried across the house to her room and let her sleep and rest.  He turned around and said to himself “I do not understand why I feel this way and cannot just turn my back from you.” Pigment of the past starts to flash in front of him. “You can do nothing! I will take her and she will be mine!” a distinct voice from his head “No, please…. Have mercy.” Another voice of a woman echo’s in her mind. Like an uncontrollable headache, he shook and held his head like it was being torn apart.  In agony he ran outside; from the clear fields and sky --- there he screamed in pain.  He fell in his knees and looked up in the sky in agony his eyes glowed, his skin changes tone from flesh like to brownish green. Veins are showing up in his hands and his body seem to be changing, boiling deforming his appearance “ARGHHH!!!!!!!!!” his eyes glowed and a bright light seemed to explode from within him, his energy shattered around him like an implosion of aura.

The next day, the girl woke-up and slowly opened her eyes to her surprise she sees him in the room.  “I see you have regain consciousness, how are you?” tears dropped from her eyes and she looked away. “I see you still upset from what had happened.” She closed her eyes, still crying, disappointed in what had happened to her and her current predicament. “Truly you are being thought a bigger lesson in life, something that will strengthen and build who you are once it is overcome. I do not wish you to suffer because of grief but wish to see you drew strength from everything.” The mysterious person is slicing ripe mangoes and had prepared pineapples for her. On a plate beside her bed he said “Here, have some of this… I believe this will help you.  If you like anything, please do not hesitate to ask.” He slowly left the room.  The girl looked and stared at the fruits, again tears run from her eyes to the pillow. She closed her eyes and sat on the bed, looked at the fruits and gently smiled; grabbed a piece and ate.  The mysterious figure was watching from a small gap from the room’s unlocked door, turned around and gently smiled.

Days passed into weeks, the girl never left her room.  He would regularly bring her food, milk every morning and fruits in the afternoon.  The mysterious figure monitored her from her room, making sure she was well and healthy to bear child.  There in his room were different kinds of instruments and device used for scientific purposes such as data gathering, experiments.  The room looked like a laboratory but bizarre like obviously not of this planet. As he walks across the room, it somehow phases to look like an ordinary room. It was a small house on the outside made of nipa hut and bamboo but has a lot of space inside; it was like the house itself was hiding something from everyone else, seemingly and purposely built or placed in a remote area in the province to be unnoticed.

One day, when he was bringing fruits in her room she grabbed his hand and calmly “Why are you doing this? Why do you need to do this?” He looked at her hand; felt that it was more intrigued than scared. “I am a friend.” “It’s been quite a while now since you brought me here and still I do not know who or what you are? Not even a name?” she eloquently inquired. “I must be crazy but where are you from?”  The mysterious figure smiled and poured some juice in the glass “You need not to worry of such insignificant things, what is important is you be healthy and well, both of you.” She looked and held his belly “At least give me a name? You’re asking me to keep this child and always giving me advice in life but not even a name?” He looked at her and said “name” turned around with a smile “Eat your fruits while they are still fresh.” Before he could leave the room she said “I’m Aiyanikka” took a bite of the mango and smiled. “It’s a pleasure to know you Aiyanikka” he smiled as he left the room.

To be continued….

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All characters mentioned are all original concepts for this Mini-Series.

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The Man from Manila - Episode 1 - Unexpected Help

Chapter 1

Episode 1 - Unexpected Help

It was a quiet evening, it was raining a bit and the streets are wet.  A woman was running in an ally disturbed, nervous and afraid. Four men with knives and gun were chasing her.  Sinister smile was upon the men’s face as they cornered the girl in the alley.  “Don’t worry, this will be fun.” One said while holding the knife as he approaches the girl.  “You will enjoy this more than you think!” said the other one as he licked his lips in anticipation. “Better not delay the inevitable, if you resist, things will just go bad. Hehehehehe……” said the biggest among the four.

A mysterious figure is watching from a far, observing what will happen.  The figure felt the need to help the girl, but is hesitant; hesitant to be seen by other, afraid to be harmed. In the shadows, a mere peek at the figure can be seen, glowing like a cat’s eye in the dark.  Something is different with this fellow, he seems not to be afraid of helping but more of being exposed, it’s like he is hiding something.  It seems he doesn’t want to expose himself….. But why?

“No………please….HHEEEEELPPPPPPPPP!” the girl cried.  One of the men grabbed her and kept his mouth shut “Shhhhh…… don’t shout, don’t cry.  See this (while licking at the blade of a knife), stay still or I’ll cut your throat off.” Noise from the side of the wall was made by the hidden figure, quite anxious on how to help.  “Damn cat! Shuu…… get away from here.”

The girl was helpless and four men raped her one at a time while the mysterious figure was trembling as he could not do anything, tears were falling and were crunching his fist in anger.   How can he help without exposing himself? How will he save the girl?

The girl fainted in her distress, almost lifeless one of the men said “What shall we do with her man?” “Nothing we want from her now, might as well kill her so we’ll have no loose ends”  The mysterious figure already torn with guilt heard what the rapist will do, In a desperate attempt he jumped on one of the men.  Grabbing him and lifting him with one hand and stared at the others after removing his cloak.  The men were horrified on what they saw, the glow of its eyes, and the shape of its head. “What are you man?” “Your worst nightmare!” the figure said while its eyes glow in the dark like a cat. He threw the man on the wall, and punched the nearby ally to the wall almost made the wall crumble and the man fractured and wounded.

“Now you’re dead, you piece of shit!” another tries to stab the figure dodging it easily and returning the knife as a blow, fatal the rapist drops on the ground. “You’re a monster! No, you’re a devil!” as the only rapist shouted horribly. “Me? You people were the one who up this upon yourselves. You who have done this with an innocent soul?  An act of crime on your own kind.”  As the mysterious figure stared at the rapist, he started to run in fear and was hit by a fast truck as he crossed the street. “An eye for an eye” the mysterious figure said.

It was then he turned to the girl that was raped, she was with blood and barely with pulse. He picked her up gently and with a blinked of an eye…. Vanished in the shadows and teleported in some kind of space craft, only a blink in the sky was seen as it disappeared.

It was almost a week since the incident; he took care of the girl secretly. Landed in a remote countryside and disguised the ship as a simple “Bahay Kubo” (House made of dried grass and bamboo). Dressed himself like an old man, peasant like; hid as much as possible his appearance as he revived the girl that was raped. When she awoke, she was in shocked, tubes were inserted her directly to the nerves revitalizing her strength. She was clean and was in a place where she does not know.  It was then when the mysterious fellow entered the room “Who are you? Where am I? Why am I here?” the girl said. “Do not worry, you are safe. Something happened but it’s alright now.  You are with a friend, I meant no harm.” Tears, dropped from her eyes.  She stoops down and cried “I know I should thank you for everything but why do I think you should have left me to die?” “There, there now, you should rest whatever happened had passed; what you should be grateful for is that you’re well and alive.” He answered.”Why do you care?” the girl sobs, “You don’t know anything about me, you have no idea what I went through? Maybe I was supposed to die, maybe that was the way I should die!” the girl said as she cried. “Clearly, it is not yet your time to die because you are here and safe.” Injects the sedative “You should rest more, we will talk later when you are ready.”


The girl when back to the house from the nearby market for some food, smiles and said to the mysterious figure “You are going to like what I will prepare today, Sinigang!” “You know I don’t eat much, fruits will be fine!” said the fellow.  “It’s been almost a month now since I was here; you never eat what I prepare.  I know, I shouldn’t ask but I would really appreciate if you would join me even once.” “Well now, since you’ve been here it’s just now you took the effort in communicating, It’s a good sign.  Ok then, let’s eat.”
While she was preparing food, she suddenly fainted.  The mysterious fellow catches her as she falls.  “Are you ok?” he laid her down gently to the nearby bed.  “You don’t seem to be sick, what else are you feeling?” the girl suddenly vomited.  “What’s wrong with me?” she asked.  “I hope my hunch is incorrect but we need to run some test to confirm.”

“Can you stand or sit at least? I will prepare the food you cooked.” He said. “Let’s eat!”  the girl smiled and with effort tried to relax and join him in the table. “This is nice; it’s been a while since I had this kind of cooking around here.  I hope you get to accept and treat everything that had happened as a challenge from your forefathers. I sense that you will take part on something significant, I sense that you will contribute something great to society” he said.  The girl smiled and ate.

To be continued…

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All characters mentioned are all original concepts for this Mini-Series.