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The Man from Manila - Episode 3 - Secret Past

After learning she was pregnant, Aiyanikka was torn on whether to keep the child or abort it.  She felt so ashamed and disarrayed because of the incident; fortunately the Mysterious figure known as Resgram made sense and persuaded her to make the right decision… to keep the child despite if everything that happened.

Days became weeks and weeks became months, Resgram took care of her and provided almost everything she needed while conceiving.  Aiyanikka seem adopted to her new life, away from the people she knew; though she regrets to be away with her family she is also at peace knowing she can start anew.

Resgram’s place though secluded had a small town nearby, compensating their basic needs to have a simple life. A small market for their food amidst all that nature has to offer them and native healers for basic medical needs, it was enough for them.

Episode 3 – Secret Past

One day after preparing food, she went to Resgram’s room and called her; being aware of his nature she did not wait that long for an answer.  Resgram stepped out of his room after a few minutes “What do you have inside there? Not that I want to enter your room but it’s always lock, and you spent most of your time there.” Resgram smiled “You don’t need to worry on such petty things, let us go and eat.”

“I’ve been here for quite a while now, but still I don’t know anything about you?” Aiyanikka asked while eating. “I really appreciate all your help and generosity; I am deeply touched on your values and your knowledge of things.  But still, I don’t know you.” Resgram smiled and continued eating. “Your really something - you want me to trust you but you don’t seem to trust me.” Aiyanikka stood up to get some more food.  One could see it in her face that she’s disappointed.  Upon returning to the table, she was now quiet.  One can even see how she lost her appetite; He could tell… she’s not as bubbly like when they started.  They have already finished eating and still there was silence.

After lunch, she walked out of the house and went into the nearby tree.  She stayed there in disappointment, holding her tummy she whispered “We owe our life to him, he has been so good but somehow we deserve to know more… the truth.” Little does she know Resgram followed her discreetly and was observing her.  His hearing was strong and could pick-up even her whisper. It was windy, the tree swayed vigorously.  She never noticed him come and go from the treetop.

The next day, He called Aiyanikka to drink some juice “I made this specially for you. Everything you eat is what your child eats. This is specially made to nourish our child.” She was looking outside the window when he called.  She was watching the birds fly across the blue sky, she was looking at the trees outside and field “Do you ever wonder how or why things are around us? Flying birds, growing trees, wind flowing; everything has their place and purpose, everything is a balance to each other.”  Resgram smiled and said “Come and drink this while it’s cold.” He then brought the juice to her as she was gazing at nature in the window. “Everything has a purpose and is a balance to something. Like good and bad, light and darkness, rich and poor.  None is without a purpose, it is up to us on how we will use it and be of significance.” Aiyanikka was astonished not by the wisdom shared but also the fact that Resgram is the one starting the conversation.  “Take the trees for example, they are important as it is, it gives clean air, lumber for construction, a simple shade under the sun and even though all trees have flower and fruit not all can be consumed as food. A tree such as the Coconut is significant to man because it can be harnessed to its optimum use; Food, shade, lumber and more…”

“Do you think I would be significant in anyway? Do you see something valuable my child will contribute to society?” she eagerly asked. “We are in control of whom we will be, specially you – you will mold your child in such a way you want to see him or her in the future.” Aiyanikka smiled “Indeed!” pleased with Resgram’s word of wisdom she asked “Is everything going to be puzzle between you and me? Do I have to figure out everything? Can you at least tell me who you really are?” He took a deep breath and asked “Are you ready to know the truth? How can you promise me things will be ok afterwards?” “Is it that bad?” she replied. “Remember the tree you always go to whenever you’re sad, go there and wait for me.  Let’s talk” confused Aiyanikka did as she was told, even looking back while walking to see if he was following.

Aiyanikka arrived at her favorite tree only to see and to her surprise – Resgram was already there waiting for her. “How did you get here?” she asked. “Tell me, are you ready to know and see more?” he asked. “Yes, I deserve to know the truth” with excitement she said.  Resgram held her hand and moved closer “Put your hand on my waist and hold on” he whispered “Are we going to dance?” she whispered back. “Something like that, please step on me and don’t be afraid” he smiled “Ready?” she was feeling awkward and silly “Ready to dance?” she replied and stepped on him. “I hope you won’t think that I am taking advantage of you.” To her surprise, upon looking around they were already flying, terrified she grabbed Resgram and embraced him “Please don’t let go! What are you?”

“We are known by many names, some worship us as gods, to some we are a myth – but we are here for quite some time now.   A keen observer of your kind, teaching your ancestors technology and have given them the knowledge they seek until now.  My race is known to your kind as the Anunnaki far advance from your kind, we originally came here to mine and conquer your planet for gold, it is a beacon of power and is very precious to us.  Our existence has been in history on many accounts from your bible to the Greek, Norse and Roman mythology.  Your ancestors described our ship as burning chariots in the sky as read in the mythology books.  It was almost described by Enoch in the bible, while in Asia it was called Vimmanas.”
“We have different kinds of powers like flight, speed and strength due to your atmosphere and sun.  We come from a planet with a blue sun, thus we process your solar energy far more efficient than humans.  My ancestors have gone from aggressor to inhabitants; some of us have found love in your people and have chosen to live amongst humanity.” Resgram explained. “How old are you?” She asked, the whole time while he was explaining she was looking in his eyes.  Fragments of Resgram’s memory are somehow flashed inside Aiyanikka’s head.

“I have witnessed my mother’s sorrow when my father left us and became part of the team to explore your planet, until tragedy arose and the ruler of land in our planet took my mother as his wife forcefully.  “I wanted to come here on Earth and face my father, get revenge but I learned differently.  I wanted to know why it was more important to come here and sacrifice our family.  I wanted to know how important gold is for our race that it meant such sacrifice.  After my mother died, it took a while before my father knew what had happened.  It was too late to rebel against our leader; he was a scientist and not a soldier.  I was sent here as a replacement and as a punishment for my father’s action against our government.  I learned the bitter sweet truth of life on your planet; I have wandered secretly and never went back despite orders or rendezvous in Egypt.”

They landed on the summit of the nearest mountain from where they lived. “For now, that is only what I can share, I hope you will still treat me the same way and would not look at me differently” he explained.  “I owe you my life, so does my child. Thank you for being honest and sharing the truth with me.  It is good enough for me, as long as you promise to take care of my child whatever happens and treat it as your own child.  I cannot promise to love you or be emotionally attached, you are more of a father for me – I hope you understand?”

“I do, I will do everything in my powers to protect you and your child”

To be continued…

Copyright njvelasquez 2012
All characters mentioned are all original concepts for this Mini-Series.

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