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Man from Manila - Episode 7 - A Friend


Resgram initiated PROJECT GENESIS on Kiko in order to save his life, using a combination of Bio-organic and Nano Technology infused as Alibata Tattoos. Over-all it will take 5 years before the entire process will be finished.

Outside the house, the altar where Nikka's boss placed her ashes stumbled upon his sight; he approached it and said "I am so sorry I wasn't able to protect you as I have promised. I promise you now that I will not just protect Kiko, he will be more than a son to me now, he will become like me.

A young boy approached him from the back “Are you Kiko’s father?”

Episode 7 – A friend

Who are you? Why do you know Kiko?
“I met him on the fields a few weeks ago. He was a very articulate and sharp kid for his age.”
What’s your name boy?
“Harold sir! Harold Casaclang. I live just around the hill sir, near the grassland.”

Resgram was puzzled on why Kiko never mentioned Harold before. Kiko often play in the grassland due to the wide open space where he can run and fly his kite. Harold is a few years older than Kiko, he could never have had played with him but knowing Kiko; he has always been observant of things around him.

How old are you boy? Aren’t you too old to be playing, especially with a 7 year old?
“I am 12 sir, we actually don’t play. He asks a lot of questions, I just watch and occasionally have conversation with him, as I said he is quite sharp.”
Humnnnn…. You say your name is Harold Casaclang. Are you related to a certain Miguel Casaclang?”
“I don’t think so, I have never heard of it sir. As annoying as it is, I do miss Kiko. Who is in the grave?”

Resgram was in a stand still, he doesn’t know whether to answer the boy or not. He looked at him, Harold was a timid kind of a boy, although he is in a conversation; he weighs his question as if he was hesitating but curious. Tears slowly drop from Harold’s eyes. He was more disturbed than he was a while ago.

Why do you cry?
“I feel great pain sir! The person in the grave holds a special place in your heart.” [pause] “Its Kiko’s mother! Has anything bad happened to Kiko? Pls do tell me sir!”

Resgram is amazed by Harold’s intuition, who could he have known? And how come he knows or understands how he feels. Resgram closed his eyes and concentrated; he wanted to tap on the boy’s emotion, his heart. In his mind it was all clear, white as snow – blank… then there was darkness slowly the white is taken into darkness until there was nothing – a void. He sees Harold falling and just in the middle of nowhere, Kiko grabs his hand and stops him from falling. And then there was lightning and thunder… both were confused on what was happening; until a flash of light overtook everything and Resgram opened his eyes.

Resgram shook his head and was very dizzy from the trance he was in. “Sir? Are you alright?” Resgram waived his hand OK and stood in front of Harold. He held his hands on his shoulder, looked him in the eyes and said.

Yes, that is Kiko’s mother. Something bad happened and Kiko is inside resting. Soon, you will see your friend again. You are a good boy I can see and feel that, never look away from the light in your heart and everything will be ok.

“I will be going to Manila tomorrow to study. Please tell Kiko that I will miss him. I will try to visit him as soon as I get back. [walks away from Resgram] Thank you for the advice sir, I will keep that in mind.”
Yes, keep it in your heart as well.

Harold walks away and goes back home, in the gate her Aunt who has also been Harold’s nanny for quite some time asked where he had been? Harold smiled and said “I went to the kid nearby and said goodbye. He was the same kid you saw with me in the fields flying kite.” Her Aunt is very happy that Harold had found someone to be a friend but is wondering isn't the boy too young?

Harold smiles at her Aunt; he remembers every time when Kiko’s mother would go call him from the field as they fly kite and gives them a snack or call them in for a meal. Harold envy Kiko; in his mind upon seeing the love of Kiko’s mom for the child, Harold remembered his own parents, who were both abroad working for him to have a better future and only his Aunt was the one there for him as a companion. Since then, Kiko looked upon Harold as an elder brother, calling him “kuya”, and would greet Harold and walk with him as the latter goes to school.

Meanwhile a shadowed figure in a cloak was looking over at the house of Resgram, it was almost invisible with glowing yellow leaf shaped eye and smoke like trail, it was some sort of a spirit gazing at Resgram while he was talking with Harold up to the time he left. Resgram felt something different and looked at the tree where the spirit was, as his eyes is about to catch a glimpse of the mysterious shadow it vanishes with the wind like smoke.

“I felt that aura before, it was a long time. How could it be?”

The mysterious shadow reappeared as Resgram walked inside the house. The figure slowly became clearer into a full figured person in a cloak. The figure pulled his sleeves up and Alibata symbols were tattooed in his fist. The left fist tattoo reads as “Kalasag ng lupa” or Sword of the land scribed in Alibata while the right fist “Wangis ng Tao” or Image of Man also in Alibata.

“Could he be the same being that gave me these tattoos before? Why does he know me…. Why does he know Miguel Casaclang?

To be continued...

Harold and Miguel Casaclang is a character created and developed for this Original Pinoy Hero Mini-Series by PTK Marvel Division Member Dirv de Venecia.

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